February 11, 2009

It's as if there's nothing I can do to ever impress you; nothing I can do to make you smile.
I know I have problems with all this and I know I'm not the best at trying, but it's not only me that's hurting things. I won't back down from where I stand, I won't let this take me over. You know exactly where to go in my mind to make me feel the lowest. I know you're sorry, I'm positive you are. But,we can't just keep letting it crash around us then build back the strength when we're SO close to losing everything.

There's something wrong with me, I know this. But, I'm not going to blame myself anymore for it because I've done my part. I've realized I have a problem, I recognized my changing. It's you and everyone else that know me the most that doesn't recognize it. I can't do it alone, I can't make myself better. All that I am and ever was, is fearing who I will become if I don't get help.

I wish for anything positive right now.