March, 19, 2009

What ever happened to all the bands I used to love?
Since I've been married to Carli, he's turned me into a mellow, indie, punk music lover. I do love the bands I listen to now, but as I sit and think about the bands I used to listen to, all I can think of are Atreyu and Bullet For My Valentine (among a few others). Where are all the rest?!

I've recently reunited with Emery :) and I've been listening to Matchbook Romance again. I miss them both.

I want to go back to that day when my friends and I were all hanging out in the gym, when someone (don't think I don't know who you are) stole my mp3 player and I want to punch them in the throat! I miss that thing more than anything.

If anyone that used to know me recognizes my falling from great music, please let me know what music I used to listen to, or introduce me to more! I guess I feel sort of nostalgic about it. It saddens me that I rely on music so much that I get upset about it when I don't listen to it. Sort of pathetic, really.

I feel stupid. How can someone forget what music they like?