June 1, 2009

I will finish learning "Together We Will Live Forever" on piano if it kills me.

It's amazing how someone says they trust someone but turns around and controls their every purpose in life. It's childish and illogical. Trust isn't something you should play around with just because jealousy is something you acquire. The demented part of it all is that these people call themselves "Christians". It's sort of an oxymoron if "doing things through God" means to be deceiving and irrational. You're lying to yourself if you call yourself a Christian then "cuss someone out" or divert your attention from learning to be one.

Immaturity is obviously something I can not tolerate.
You'd think maturity would come with age but that apparently isn't how it works.

Speaking of Christianity:
I am highly determined to regain my faith in God. I've had some of the worst times in the past few years and I've decided that I will not only turn to God but focus my full mental capability through Him.