July 13, 2009

Everything actually seems to be different lately, for the better.
I don't know if I'm actually holding on to a positive outlook or if things are holding a positive outlook on me. However, just because things are better definitely doesn't mean everything is.

My best friend is shipping out to go to the army in October.
It's weird to think that I won't be able to talk to my best friend for long periods of time. Though we always go without talking for a little while, just the fact that I won't actually be able to call anytime I want makes it hard. I wish he would have told me sooner so I could have at least tried to change his mind, but I'm proud of him.

Both of my sisters, along with my brother-in-law, nieces and nephews, will officially be gone to Pennsylvania by next week. As soon as we started seeming to get closer, Pennsylvania gets in the way. I know they'll be a lot happier there than here, I just wish it were easy enough for me to go with them.

On the more positive side of things:

We're leaving to go to Florida in about 2 weeks.
I'm definitely excited. I'm even ecstatic about the long road trip. Hopefully the television will entertain Matty long enough to actually get there. Somehow he always seems to get bored of people after only 10 - 15 minutes. :/ I hope he has fun.

I've got my life in a suitcase, I'm ready to run, run, run away.
I've got no time, 'cause I'm always trying to run, run, run away.