September 27, 2009

Can Imogen Heap be any more of a genius?

What matters to you, doesn't matter, matter to me. What matters to me, doesn't matter, matter to you. What matters to you, doesn't matter, matter to them. What matters to them, doesn't change anything.

The game was fun. Cold, but fun.
Carli predicted they would tie but I predicted 1-0 Columbus.
It ended up being 2-0 Columbus. Therefore I was right about the fact that Columbus would win. ;)

I'm more than determined to finish learning Together We Will Live Forever on piano. It's sad because I've given up so many times that I'm not able to remember what I've already learned so far. So, I hereby devote my spare time to finishing and remembering the song.

Not long ago I was having a hard time dealing with losing a friend and watching our friendship completely disintegrate in front of my eyes. However, I'm actually finding myself feeling a huge sort of relief from it all. I guess I've never been in one of those situations where you think you know someone when you really end up not having the slightest clue who they are. Yes, this person
meant a lot to me but after putting all of my well concealed trust into them while they brutally destroyed it, how could I, or anyone for that matter, call that person a friend? Let alone a best friend. It's emotionally impossible, don't you think?
There's only a certain amount of disbelief and letdown a heart can hold.

I'm tired.