October 10, 2009

I wish everyone that got in the way of me making it where I am now would disappear.
Of course wishing something would happen isn't going to make anything better. I guess this is where taking control of your own mentality comes in handy. If only innocence and respect were as important now as it once was. It's as if everyone hits a certain age and soon forgets about all that we should hold onto that truly makes us happy. Am I the only person striving to keep hold of what makes me happy? Obviously.

I think it's time that I watch Eternal Sunshine For The Spotless Mind. Though it's personally a bit heartbreaking to watch for my own reasons, it's quite tempting to go for another shot at watching it. Maybe it's a step forward? Hopefully nothing will get in the way this time.

After having dreams of killing people and having
+10 appear after successfully accomplishing the death, I think it's safe to say that Call Of Duty is an addiction. Not a healthy one.