October 21, 2009

Yet again, I'm setting new goals. Have the last set of goals played out successfully? No. Hence why I'm setting new ones. From here on out I will:
  • Workout without the Ab Coaster, Spin Bike and/or the Treadmill. Instead I will workout with "numbers" as Jade likes to put it. :)
  • Go to the doctor when I should.
  • Write myself my very own post it notes and post them around the house to remember things I shouldn't be forgetting.
  • Finally find Matty an actual safe daycare that's worth the money.
  • Finish Together We Will Live Forever on piano.
Let's see how these go.

Matty is sick and I hate that his crib is too small for me to fit in so I could sleep with him. :(
We didn't get to go to Graceland last weekend as planned. We've postponed it to this weekend. Therefore, I'm excited all over again. :)

Is it weird, considering (as far as I know) I have no sleeping disorders, that I can only sleep during the day and the nighttime keeps me awake? Does that make me a vampire? Hm.