October 3, 2009

Matty decided that an attempt to steal my glass of water while I wasn't looking was a great idea. He only ended up drowning my laptop after dropping it and spilling every drop onto the table and floor.
Though it was cute, it was very saddening.

It's finally happening. I'm going to Graceland.

Of all the dreams a little girl could hold, being inside Elvis Presley's home was one of my most cherished as a kid. Aside from the fact that it isn't as amusing to other people as it once was and that it isn't "kept up" as well as it was before, it's somewhere I've told myself I'd go. I'm, without a doubt, ecstatic to finally live out a somewhat silly dream of visiting the house of one of my favorite legends. :)
I think I may cry.

We didn't get to go back to Columbus to watch the second game. Boo.
Reason being, Carli and I, along with Matty, have been really sick for the past few days.
There's always another game.

I want to go to sleep early tonight. But it's hard to stay sleeping through the night these days. Strange dreams are overtaking my sleep. Not many of them I enjoy.

Negative Nancy.