January 20, 2010

I'm still finding it hard to believe how quickly someone literally disappeared out of my life. Friends now or not, he still meant a lot to me.
Betrayal can come in the utmost strangest and most disguised ways.
I don't even know what happened. Do I deserve closure or am I just convincing myself I deserve it considering the random cut-off of our friendship and how it's taken it's toll on me mentally and physically?

I contemplate with myself whether or not I understand. Yet, how could I understand when reality hasn't even brought him to make me understand.

I'll probably continue to ask myself questions about this.
Isn't that okay? Though, I know nothing from him... isn't that where closure is supposed to come in? Everyone gets their closure, right? Do I just wait for it or am I the one who's meant to live without it?

Sigh. So many questions; knowing they're never to be answered.
We were supposed to trust each other and be best friends forever...