September 14, 2011

I've got this all wrong. Looking around now, everything has unknowingly changed.
Realizations and moments of happiness.
Come back.
The innocence. The ignorance.
It's beginning to make sense. Everything and nothing. It's not confusion, it's you.
Please don't go.
Don't leave me alone to do this on my own. You've almost got it, right where we're supposed to be. I'm doing this so slowly, giving time and being patient.
It's enough.
Just stay for a while, things aren't the same since you've gone. No one knows me. I don't know them. Throw away your obstinacy and come home.
Help me.
It's always wrong. And it's almost right this time. Just stay a little longer... Long enough for me to keep you for when I need you.
I'm ready now. I'm not settling. It's different now. I can't let go this time. I'm almost losing.
I'm losing.