November 8, 2011

I'm counting the trees as they pass by the window, you're counting the seconds as they pass on the road.
I'm pretending I'm invincible, I can fly.
You're pretending your goal isn't to bring me down.
I'm shaking, you're looking.
Then down.

I'll show you my scars and you'll smile.
I'll mention my pain and you'll laugh.
I'll lock myself up and you'll convince me it's fine.

I'll continue taking note of your expression as you continue smoking away your nerves.
I'll stare at the moonlight shadows and you'll search for your story.
You'll test your distractions and I'll manage my dignity.
I'll remember the frigid air and you'll remember your mistake.
I'll give you hope and you'll thrive to take it.
You'll be kind and I'll be alone.

I'll show you I have nothing and you'll have everything.