October 15, 2012

Remember when everything we had was terrifying and bordering perfection? Remember when I said this will come back to haunt me as we sat by the motion light? The scintillation of the light took away from the calmness of the moment but it didn't alter the importance. The moment stills circles my mind. Too much thought and lacking progression. Sit tight and time won't move. Fingers crossed; Don't move an inch and we won't go anywhere. Now.
All the tunings of our minds never made anything vested and like the curves of our conversations, I separate and I fold. I'm calling a contradicting fixation that I can't relinquish but I'm apprehensive. All the marks, I imagine, are for me. They take me back to the last time we touched. And all the times when word got around. And the time when your words got the best of me: When I was slowing caving in but held my conduction.
Meanwhile, you rang in my head: Gentle was the accordance as we began. A deviant place yet somewhere familiar. Taking time and attaining patient faces. Something turned and the division broke us; You weren't you and I was fully me. Come back, I'll give you nothing less. It was the placement that addled you. Say it was.
It's you playing inside the context. You're clueless and blinded yet your mind already touches it. My promises are yours.