March 28, 2014

Terrible things were said but absolutely every word was true. Moments were fragile and worthwhile and we were hanging on every word. Hanging on desperation and addiction. Naivety almost settled for regret, so we lied and said I love you. Wide-eyes and silence enhanced our emotions to an utmost uncomfortable and we made a break for it. We agreed that it was perfect and that we were perfect, too.
Things were fine and love was impersonating what it could under such circumstantial mindless control. Doing it's best, I suppose. Roles were played and hope was lingering and lost. We were left there to sink into each other, stumbling to catch up with our thoughts and outrun our guilt. No truths to be justified. We nearly broke our own hearts and we slightly tortured our trust. We didn't think of the consequences that would occur nor of the tragedies that would embark.