May 24, 2014

Right, here I am, listening to movie scores, thriving on the stillness of the night, knee-deep in the paragraphs I've drafted until now and it hits me. I realize who we are and I realize what we've become and I compile this overwhelming fear of you. I feel dread and everything in my mind comes crashing down on every civil thought I've gathered thus far and I lose myself in my own mind. I freak out and I start culling flashbacks like in some climactic movie where one's confusion is the most important element of everyone's life in that very moment. I suddenly despise you and I start thinking of all the things you've ever done wrong. I'm angry and I wish you could see the animosity in my eyes. And all at once I don't know you. But deep inside my bones, I know you're still there and with a morally, reawakened approach, I love you still.