July 6, 2014

I like that we can sit in silence and point at things with no words and chuckle, able to read each other's minds.
I like that we still can't control our hands and and eyes from doing dirty things at the most inappropriate moments.
I like that we can't walk side by side without immediately searching for the others hand and lacing our fingers together. And I like that it feels awkward when we don't.
I like that we have the exact same interests but the most opposite opinions about them.
I like that we can complete not only each other's sentences but also each other's thoughts and instincts and intentions.
I like that we come up with stupid yet remarkably promising solutions for one another when the other is incapable of fixing a mistake.
I like that we can go months or years without speaking of one small, pointless thing and when it's brought up, it's like it happened an hour earlier.
I like that when I get mad at you I can still laugh because you're just that funny. And I like that you give me your sexy apologetic grin when I say "just because I think you're funny doesn't mean I'm not mad."
I like that we still stay up late in bed talking long after our bodies have already fallen asleep but our voices are somehow still communicating.
I like that you pretend that I'm still just your girlfriend when I'm visiting at my moms and you ask me out for dinner and tell me to ask my mom if I'm allowed to go.
I like that you laugh with me when I'm not really funny and I say "I'm funny, damnit!" Knowing you're only laughing because you're picturing Carla saying it and it's funnier when she says it.
I like that when you're trying to trick me and I  don't fall for it, you do your adorable squinty-smile to cover it up, making it look like the sun is in your eyes even when it's dark.
I like that when you ask me if I want anything while you're out and I assure you I don't, you always bring me something anyway. And I like that it's always something I wanted but just didn't know I wanted it yet.
I like that we can say that we're man and wife and that we share the same last name. And I like that I sometimes forget I had another last name before you.
I like that we have such an amazing amount of history that we actually have those types of memories that make us feel really old.
I like that I was put specifically inside your math class that day long ago so that you could tell me the first words you would ever speak to me, "I like your shoes." And I like that we had the same shoes on. 
I like our love story because it isn't a story but a promise. And I like that it's a promise we aren't forced to keep, but rather a promise we've volunteered to keep.
I just really like how magnificent we are together.